Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

New Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge scratches on screen
So the most hyped phone since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ has arrived. The Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung also has released the Galaxy S6 Edge. The great part considering neither phone has the expandable storage option via SD Card is that both phones range from 32Gb all the way to 128Gb. In my opinion I hope more OEM’s will add more on board storage if they make the decision to leave the SD Card slots out in the future. Now to a small problem (so far), nonetheless still a problem. The Galaxy S6 Edge has been received by numerous people with small scratches in a circular pattern on the screen straight out of the box. The screen is the most integral part of a phone and the scratches that are there aren’t huge but they still exist. Personally I don’t know of anyone that likes to have any kind of scratches on the screen of their phone regardless of the size of them. Hopefully Samsung gets this problem halted and corrected, but until then if you want a flagship phone from Samsung I would go with the Galaxy S6. Now if you have your mind stuck on getting the Galaxy S6 Edge I would wait about a month or so to see if maybe it was a bad batch of screens (hopefully). I’ll be following and if I hear any kind of info whether it happens to be bad or good I will update with a new blog post. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog, it is greatly appreciated.


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